Welcome to East Texas Children's Dentistry, P.A.

Since 2002, East Texas Children's Dentistry has been providing our young patients with comprehensive dental services in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is our mission to educate our patients on prevention and proper dental care in a fun and safe environment.

Providing Quality Dental Services to Children Since 2002

Doctors Kenneth C. Thompson and Rebecca Ball are committed to providing the best dental treatments available, the attention our young patients deserve, and education on proper oral healthcare, so every patient can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile now and in the future. Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology to be able to detect problem areas in their early stages. By detecting decay and other problem areas early, we are able to help our young patients avoid difficult dental procedures.

Establishing a strong relationship between your child and our dental team is our top priority. We understand this relationship will be an important one as they grow. Call us at 903-577-9900 to schedule a dental appointment with a team that truly cares about your child! We look forward to hearing from you.